Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Find green duct cleaning services in Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO

Dust, pollen and other allergens can build up in your home's duct system. Unfortunately, most duct cleaning companies in the Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO area cut holes in ductwork to access the system. They also use harsh chemicals to sterilize the system.

Duct Doctor is different. We use state-of-the-art equipment, such as a fogging machine and a point-of-contact cleaning system with a rotating vacuum brush, to clean ducts. Our non-toxic sanitizing solution leaves a sweet, spicy scent behind.

Call 970-241-1400 to ask about our complimentary sanitizing upgrade. That's an $89 value for free, so call right away.

How Duct Doctor cleans your ducts

Your home's indoor air quality is our top priority. To make sure we do a thorough job, we'll:

Perform a visual inspection of the duct system using a fiber optic video scope.

Clean dust, pollen, debris and any foreign materials from the ducts.

Apply a safe, organic cleaner to remove odors and repel bacterial growth.

Call our office in Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO now to set up a free, in-home consultation.

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If it heats your home, we can clean it

Our specialty is air vent cleaning, but Duct Doctor also cleans furnaces, boilers and any other device that heats your home. We even clean dryer vents.

Make sure your home has good indoor air quality. Call our office in Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO now for a free air vent cleaning estimate.

Online offer- Free sanitizing upgrade

$89 value:

After we clean all the debris, dust, pollen, and unknown artifacts from your Air Ducts, we then offer an organic solution to sanitize and remove any unwanted odors. Non harmful to children and pets. A safe toxic free solution that leaves behind a sweet-and-spicy scent!