Is Your Dryer A Fire Hazard?

Schedule dryer exhaust cleaning services in Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO

Dryer fires destroy thousands of homes every year. Make sure your home doesn't become a statistic by scheduling regular dryer vent cleaning services. Duct Doctor will clean lint and other debris from your dryer exhaust vent to make sure it operates safely.

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3 reasons to schedule dryer vent cleaning service

Safety aside, there are a few other reasons to schedule a dryer exhaust cleaning appointment. A clean dryer vent creates a positive change that helps:

  1. Dry your clothes faster: A clean exhaust vent lets your dryer run more efficiently.
  2. Save money on energy: The more efficiently your dryer runs, the less energy it uses.
  3. Extend the life of your dryer: The easier it is for your dryer to function, the longer it will last.

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