Check Your Furnace Today

Call for a furnace cleaning appointment in Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO

It's easy to ignore your furnace...until there's a problem with it. You can prevent problems from starting by scheduling regular furnace cleaning services from Duct Doctor. We'll replace your furnace's filter, check the fan and clean the unit to make sure it runs efficiently.

Stay safe and warm by scheduling biannual furnace cleaning services. Call our Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO location now to set up your first appointment.

furnace cleaning in grand junction & mack co

Breathe easily with regular boiler cleaning services

Keeping a clean boiler doesn't just help your unit run more efficiently-it can potentially save your life. A dirty boiler is more likely to create high levels of deadly carbon monoxide.

When should you schedule a boiler cleaning service? Call Duct Doctor in Mack, Palisade & Grand Junction, CO if:

  • Some rooms feel colder than others
  • You notice a spike in your energy bill
  • It's been a year since the last boiler cleaning

We'll also run a carbon monoxide check to verify that your unit's running safely. Call 970-241-1400 today to set up a boiler cleaning appointment.